Langkawi Island Hopping


Langkawi Island Hopping – Pulau Dayang Bunting ( Pregnant Maiden Lake ) , Pulau Singa Besar , Pulau Beras Basah ( Wet Rice Island )

Fancy a day spent visiting the pristine islets of Langkawi Island? Then look no further than the Langkawi Island-Hopping & Eagle Feeding Tour which takes you on a journey to discover the fabled sights of some of Langkawi’s most gorgeous islets.
Starting with ‘Pulau Singa Besar’ – literally translated to mean Big Lion Island – you will be able to venture through the lush greenery of the rainforests or soak up the sun on its beautiful beaches. Tourists can take a quiet stroll down the beach, visit the animal sanctuary or swim in its crystal clear waters.

Tasik Dayang Bunting – Langkawi Pregnant Maiden Lake

Dayang Bunting a.k.a Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

Next, we head to Dayang Bunting Island to see the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, where you can immerse yourself in warm waters, shrouded by a green tropical forest, that will invigorate and refresh your weary spirit. Legend has it that women who cannot conceive need only take a sip of these cool and refreshing waters before she is blessed with a child. In actuality the hills that form the backdrop of this lake shapes an outline of a pregnant woman lying on her back – which is probably the real reason for its name.
On this tour you will also get a chance to see the magnificent king of the skies – the eagles – as they swoop down with deadly precision to catch their prey as they are fed. The day eventually winds down with a visit to ‘Beras Basah Island’ – or Wet Rice Island. Another beach with crystal clear waters and sweeping views of the ocean before you are transported back to your hotel for a little rest and relaxation after an exhilarating and entertaining day with the sand and surf.

Pulau Beras Basah – Wet Rice Island and Eagle Feeding

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