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To determine the best white-label cryptocurrency exchange offering, you can and must consider some crucial parameters. In this regard, compliance markers such as KYC, AML, and CTF legislation remain foremost. Usually, these comprise and manifest the robustness of the https://xcritical.com/ solution’s client onboarding procedure, while keeping you out of future trouble. Aakash Soni is the Operational Head at Auxano Global Services, a complete Software development company that has been recognized by Clutch for its achievements and client satisfaction.


Partnering with Exberry and Velmie and using their cutting-edge SaaS technology has allowed us to offer trading for any digital asset via our exchange. With their matching and trading engine and white label platform, we have a cost-effective and enterprise-grade solution that allows us to be more competitive in the market. White Label Crypto Exchange Software is a ready-to-deploy software solution designed and built for enterprises by delivering cryptocurrencies and token exchanges with high liquidity and security. Businesses can use white-label crypto exchange software to create marketing campaigns with various affiliate partners. They have a good selection of both cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as a variety of margin trading.

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Some white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is designed to offer the highest liquidity and advanced features. They also feature a user-friendly UI that offers traders the best functionality and convenience. Some white-label cryptocurrency exchanges are designed to offer security to their users. They monitor transactions to detect fraud so that end-users can have the best protection. These platforms also allow integration with trading apps and websites to provide access to historical, delayed, and analytical data.

How Does Our Whitelabel Crypto-Exchange Solution Work?

The security of your white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is a crucial factor that influences the development cost. If you want your cryptocurrency exchange to be secure and reliable, you will need to invest in a proven security solution from a reputable source. White-label cryptocurrency exchange software is built around a web-based application with an interface suitable for various platforms and devices. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange can be coded in any language as long as it meets all the currency exchange software platform requirements. Binance is a software that makes it easy for people to start a cryptocurrency exchange portfolio. It allows users to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and peer-to- peer transactions.

Choosing the right software provider like Rejolut, can also help you get constant support at affordable additional costs. So with white label products, you can get an outstanding solution, ready design, and a trusted partner you can rely on. Centralized exchanges have a solution to this problem and allow you to trade one currency to another seamlessly. It does this by issuing you an account on each of the networks you are moving your cryptocurrency from and to. So if you want to trade Ethereum, it will create an Ethereum account for you.

Process of Launching Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The white label cryptocurrency software provides for a crypto-to-crypto exchange, crypto wallets, and even a crypto marketplace where anyone can trade their cryptocurrencies. Our white label software services can provide alphapoint liquidity comparable services offering deep liquidity and fiat currencies to users on demand. We do not make high-frequency trading solutions but we build genuine platforms for authentic users with the right technology.

  • If you already KYC your customers, you can share your information with us for faster user experience.
  • Capital market grade matching engine technology is capable to process over 1.5M transactions per second with the min latency of 92 μs.
  • TRADEBOX is an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform that makes it easy to start cryptocurrency trading.
  • Nishue is the most commendable cryptocurrency investment software that can allow you to invest, buy, sell or exchange any kind of currencies, and the customers will get a substantial profit from it.
  • Exchanges offering premium features in these aspects are more likely to succeed in gaining newer clients.

The process we use to follow simplifies our workflow that leads to no-issue or bug-free applications that satisfy your requirements. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solution ties with few necessary components that meet your desired business model. Apart from using OpenDAX’s intuitive and easy-to-use UI, businesses can also develop their custom UI with the proprietary Cryptobase Library or their own codebase. Transportation Industry Opportunities in IT It’s hardly possible to name an industry in which high technology has never been used so far.

Wallet Solutions

It is 100% customizable and so you can modify the software as per your business needs. Allow your users to buy and sell crypto assets with crypto exchange platforms created like Remitano and LocalBitcoins. BitGo white label crypto exchange solutions is the first digital asset company that has been focused exclusively on serving institutional clients since 2013. BitGo provides institutional investors with custody, liquidity, and security solutions.

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Through its relationships with various banks, it can provide its customers with a variety of payment options. Despite the volatility of cryptocurrencies, Bitstamp is still able to keep its customers’ accounts secure. It also provides a variety of fee models, which are designed to help its users get the most out of their trading. The platform is currently used by various organizations such as finance, education, and military services.

What is cryptocurrency exchange software?

White label software is a type of software that is delivered to customers without a brand name. It is designed to help users perform their operations more efficiently and effectively. It can be used by people who already have a functional business concept or have a specific set of requirements. The goal of an exchange is to enable people to participate in a market where they can earn money by making a profit from the price variations that occur in the market.

We design our algorithm to do direct and implied matching and support price-time priority matching and quotes to improve market liquidity and opening auctions. With our resilient and reliable design, you can rest assured that there is no single point of failure. To set up a reliable cryptocurrency exchange or crypto exchange software, you must consider the various verification and KYC procedures, that will protect holders against scams. You should also set up good customer support that is both multilingual and efficient.

The cost for a white label exchange varies upon the extent of customization. While lots of features are integrated into the stock version, there are options for additional personalization. White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software contains multiple functions and features.

White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Security Features

Antier offers 15 days of support for custom development and 7 days of support for white label exchange software script. Velmie built an all-in-one solution, which harmoniously aggregated crypto exchange, payment platform, operating own digital assets and integration with external platforms. With these exciting features, you can easily startup an organization with a launch of cryptocurrency exchange software from us and start to generate revenues. A white-label is a product or service that is made by one company so another can rebrand it to appear as if it were their own. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange offers the same concept, where a company such as Shift Markets offers the entire exchange infrastructure. Other institutions and individuals can rebrand the design and display it as their own technology.

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Also, make sure that the technology provider you choose fits seamlessly with your business’s needs. Besides conducting a thorough background check, you should also ask them about their technical capabilities. One of the most common reasons why people buy bonds and stocks is due to the high fees that are typically charged by financial intermediaries. However, with the emergence of digital coins, the role of brokers has been greatly reduced.

When it comes to building a regular portfolio, one should thoroughly go through a verification process that will involve various checks and requirements. Some of these include a background check on the buyer’s credit history, as well as their previous tax returns. At the moment when you have a clear business concept, it’s time to find a potential partner. Make sure that you thoroughly check their background and provide them with all the necessary information.

Most Trusted White Label Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

It saves them time, money, and resources that would otherwise go into establishing a brand new exchange. With cryptocurrency exchanges, the automated processes have helped achieve a brand new level of accessibility. The white-label platform software provider needs to install, configure, and deploy the application in a new environment.

Users can view the entire market insights from a single dashboard and know about the popular tokens, total value locked, exchange pairs, etc. Firewall and Firebase implementationWhen implemented appropriately and fairly, firebase and firewall potentially prevent inlet of any malicious users. You get complete control over the commission that is added to transaction fees.